The Acehnese Breakfast :)



One day in Kudam Berlin


Sunny day oh sunny day. The time when we can go out and enjoy the day. Wish the days are just like sunny day, but the winter comes and we miss the sunny day.

Cars In Berlin


In my hometown, if you see the parking car like this, it should be Toyota, Toyota, Suzuki, Honda and sometimes Nissan. There is hardly any european or American car, and unluckyly we do not have any local brand car. Not yet they said?

Sunday Photo Session

Once upon a time, I was kinda a photographer, had entry level DSLR and went to photo hunting almost every weekend. BUT, lately the 4L4Yer also came out hanging DSLR and acting as if they are professional. I do not have any objection with their, perhaps, new trend, but I feel “ill-feel” when I see them holding DSLR the way to hold a compact camera. The worst part of course when they shoot them self, from up-righ or left angle with an open eyes, like in comic.

Since then, I think just to drop off this hobby for sometimes, untill the DLSR fever is cured and less 4L4Yers hanging thier camera out. BUT when I look into my hard disk and realized that I have plenty of pictures that……not yet published.

Then, why not sharing them here?

Lambhuk Street

a view from jembatan in der nähe von…