Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This photo shows the reflections of an urban society in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. I captured this picture when I was going to Putroe Phang Park, one of Banda Aceh landmark. Suddenly, I saw the dirty river and the people around that. The woman who wear the yellow shirt was washing and than rinsed the clothes to the river. Can you imagine how hygiene that water? Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside


Hello, this is my photo for this weekly challenge; inside. It is durian fruit, one of Asian fruit which smells like the hell but  tastes like the heaven.

The tree grow up beside my house so that when durian sesion is coming, I can eat it every day. Durian in the photo is one of kinds durian in my garden. It tastes very delicious. Do you want some? Please come to my house in Tangse, Pidie, Aceh, Indonesia.

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White flower in the jungle


I walk around jantho hospital in this morning. Breathing the fresh air and smelling ground aroma after raining. Doing that makes me relax and ready to start a new day.

During walking, I also take some pictures of the flowers that grown in the Jantho underbrush. Those’re also called wild flower because they grow in the wild area. The flowers are very beautiful and colourful. Such us the white flower in the picture.

By the way, what is that white beautiful flower name?