WPC: Twinkle

This week photo challenge is Twinkle. I post some pictures under the twinkling lights. The first two pictures are the famous saman dance. It was performed all by men and use no instrument but hand. The lyric is in the local language which only the Gayonese understand it. It usually tells the story of the something, advices, wisewords ect. The dance is usually perfomed during a traditional public gathering such as during the wedding party, religious celebration or during such art event like that night. I do not uderstand anything from the lyrich but I did enjoy the performance alot.

Saman Dance Original 1 Continue reading


WPC: Fray

Having searched the meaning of “fray” but I still not get it. Some gave the meaning like this: “a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute”, but the others come up with different definitions. Honestly I do not know what is the right translation into my language. Nevertheless, I still want to participate in, and here is my photo.

Fray WPC

Hope this match with the theme 🙂

Ariel: Nama Merek Deterjen

Apa kamu punya saudara, teman atau kenalan yang punya nama depan atau nama panggilan “Ariel” dan dia sangat bangga dengan nama tersebut? sebaiknya katakan pada dia untuk mikir-mikir dulu, sebab Ariel itu di Jerman adalah nama sebuah merek deterjen. Tidak percaya? cekidot saja foto dibawah ini.


Tapi harga Ariel itu lumayan mahal ya?


Nah, ada punya rencana untuk namain anak kamu Ariel? :), trus kalau ariel noah gimana ya?