Who Is Haji Lulung?

Who is Haji Lulung? why he becomes so famous in social media? well, honestly I am an Indonesia but I have no idea about him, not at all. Therefore I had to do some research, just curious to know what on the earth makes him so famous. The trending of #HajiLulungEffect has been there for quite sometimes and the some people keep asking, who the *** is he?

His name is Lulung Lunggana, but usually called “Haji Lulung”. He is a lawyer by academic title but a politician by profession. He is “representing” the people of Betawi at Jakarta house of representative (DPRD Jakarta). Apart of working as a politician, he also have a lot of business, which I do not know any of them đŸ™‚ Continue reading


Why Coin for Australia‬? An Indonesian Reaction

Hi, an Acehenese here, and this post I dedicate to my Australian friends, with concern to the ongoing #KoinUntukAustralia rally in my country. You know that this action was a result of a silly comment from Mr Abbott, about two Australian drugs dealers who are about to face a death penalty. We completely aware and understand your willingness to protect your citizens, we would do the same thing if that happen to our citizen. Continue reading

WPC: Rule of Thirds

This week photo challenge is Rule Of Thirds. I used to learn photography techniques long time ago, and I am kinda not really obeying what they say the rule of photography. So, I usually take the picture just the way it is. Sometimes, long shoot, sometimes macro pics, and even recently I like to take do street photography, taking pictures of anything that I found while I was walking around. And here is one of them.

The Boy

Does this picture obey or disobey the rule of thirds?

WPC Symmetry: Baiturrahman Mosque

This week photo challenge is symmetry. Baiturrahman Mosque is located in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province in Indonesia. The mosque is the symbol of the province. During the devastating Tsunami 2004, hundreds of people survived inside the mosque, while many buildings in the surrounding were collapsed.


Baiturrahman Mosque

I took the picture with my smartphone during the night, so sorry about the quality!

WPC: Scale

This week photo challenge is scale, and here are my photos for the challenge.

There was a river side event in my hometown in Banda Aceh, where the people, especially the fisherman decorate their fishing boats into something interesting. Some decorated as a huge goose, some like a traditional stage house and some like a more modern look. However, most of them were colorful.

Scale 1

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WPC – New

This week photo challenge is new. I was visiting an electronic exhibistion sometimes ago and of course I found so many new things. Since I am a gadgets fan, I always spend long time when I find something new or sophisticated. I honestly cannot afford to always buy a new gadgets, but I can try the majority of them during such an exhibition. Here is my Photo of new stuffs

New 2

New Tablet covers

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WPC – Converge: Aceh Tsunami Museum

This week photo challenge is Converge, and here is my photo.

Tsunami Museum

This is the miniatur of Tsunami museum that I found in the museum. The only Tsunami museum is located in Aceh, built after the devastating Tsunami that severely hit Aceh province in 2004. You will find a lot of stories related to the natural disaster inside this building. Not only pictures, you will also find videos inside it. Most importantly you will experience with the noise water and darkness like the Acehnese used to experience during the Tsunami attack.

This Aceh tsunami museum was designed by Ridwan Kamil, the Architect who currently is also the major of Bandung. It is opened every day from 09.00 until 16.30, except monday. Recently it has more that 800 visitors daily and more than a thousand during the weekend. Entry to the museum is free and the tour guide is available if you visit in group. Jak Lom U Aceh.