Who Is Haji Lulung?

Who is Haji Lulung? why he becomes so famous in social media? well, honestly I am an Indonesia but I have no idea about him, not at all. Therefore I had to do some research, just curious to know what on the earth makes him so famous. The trending of #HajiLulungEffect has been there for quite sometimes and the some people keep asking, who the *** is he?

His name is Lulung Lunggana, but usually called “Haji Lulung”. He is a lawyer by academic title but a politician by profession. He is “representing” the people of Betawi at Jakarta house of representative (DPRD Jakarta). Apart of working as a politician, he also have a lot of business, which I do not know any of them 🙂

Here are some photos of him btw, got them from flickr

Haji Lulung doesn't get in trouble, trouble gets in Haji Lulung. #SaveHajiLulungHandsome? you name it 🙂

Here is a bit formal

Haji Lulung always tells the truth, even when he lies. #SaveHajiLulungHello: My name is Lulung 🙂

I think what make him famous in twitter, instagram, facebook or any social media is not his appearance, but the “power” that he has, as many social media users said. If in the USA you make jokes with Chuck Norris, in Indonesia they make jokes on how powerfool Haji Lulung is. Here are some examples that I got from twitter.

“Haji lulung smiles, the weather changes”

“haji Lulung does “push up”, the floor goes up and down”

“Haji Lulung lost his money, the Indonesian Bank Manager apologizes”

“A journalist interviews Haji Lulung, the journalist answers all the questions himself”

“Haji Lulung attends a final exam, the teacher answers all of the questions for him”

“Haji Lulung plays in a Hollywood movie, the Hollywood moves to Tanah Abang (Jakarta)”

“Haji Lulung visits his ill friend, the friend suddenly gets well”

“Haji Lulung finds a death cat, he touches it, the cat alives again”

“Haji Lulung stays in a hotel, the hotel pays for him”

Hmmm, I think they are more than enough to tell you who Haji Lulung is and why #HajiLulungEffect is kinda trending right now. I need to have dinner soon, hope I  would not need to move to Tanah Abang.


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