How to Disable Online Templates Tab in WPS Office

Did you feel annoyed with the appearance of the online templates tab anytime you open your WPS office? I did, and I was almost uninstalled this freeware just because of this small issue. having searched through the internet, finally I discovered on how to deal with this small issue. Here is how you can disable the online templates tab in your WPS office:

From the upper left Writer drop down –> select Tools – Option, and in General and Save Tab: select “Start With New Document“. Hit OK and now you have what you need.

This method works in both Windows and Linux OS, but I have not tried it at OS X, however I guess it should work too. One more thing, I have read many suggestions on how to deal with this issue, and some user suggested to uninstall and reinstall your WPS office suit. In fact, you do not have to do any of that. What you need is to make sure the settings as I suggested above. Please do share via Twitter or FB if you thing this useful, and your comment is always welcomed. 🙂


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