WPC: Twinkle

This week photo challenge is Twinkle. I post some pictures under the twinkling lights. The first two pictures are the famous saman dance. It was performed all by men and use no instrument but hand. The lyric is in the local language which only the Gayonese understand it. It usually tells the story of the something, advices, wisewords ect. The dance is usually perfomed during a traditional public gathering such as during the wedding party, religious celebration or during such art event like that night. I do not uderstand anything from the lyrich but I did enjoy the performance alot.

Saman Dance Original 1

Saman Dance 2

 Batu belah dance from gayo – Aceh

This dance was performed by teenagers, and that was the first time I watched this dance.

Tari Gayo 1

Tari gayo 3

Tari Gayo 4

The “batu belah” dance was about a mother who has nothing to give for her only son. That night, the son kept asking for food but she had nothing at home, while the huband has not returned home from work. After waiting for sometimes, the husband was finally home but he was unlucky as he did not find anothing to take home. When the wife asked for food from the husband, the husband had nothing to give, which caused her depressed and run away from home. She run into the jungle and ask for a big stone to take her in. That was the meaning of Batu Belah, the cracked stone.


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