WPC – Achievement

It has been a few weeks that I did not participate the weekly photo challenge. Since my baby was born to weeks ago, I become very busy that I seldom in touch wit the internet. And now, I am back. BTW, this week photo challenge is Achievement, and the best achievement for as, Acehnese men, is when we able to cook a traditional Acehnese curry. The curry is a mix of spices that mostly available in our garden. unfortunately I only know how to call them in english :). The curry is usually served during a big events such as traditional wedding event, Acehnse new year (in fact we have our own calender, and it is based on arabic calender), or during a “syukuran” of a new born. This is how it looks like.

Masak Kari Aceh

The cooking process is really challenging because we have to cook it with the wood fire, like in the picture. Of course some people now are using the gas powered fire, but the taste is not as good as the one cooked with the wood. We can use any meat in the curry (except pork, because the majority of us are muslim and we never eat pork), but usually we prefer the goat meat. We also used to use the seeds of cannabis, and this is why the acehnese curry is very special and famous. Neverthless, since last 20 years, the cannabis is prohibited by law and since then the use of cannabis seeds is declining. wanna try this once? please do come to Aceh!


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