WPC: Endurance

This week photo challenge is Endurance. I am a bit late to participate as I was not sure which picture to share. Finally I come up with pictures of the endurance of my people, the Acehnese to survive from the Tsunami 2004.

After the tsunami, now we have a tsunami museum, the one and the only in the world.

Museum Tsunami

If you have time to visit my hometown in Banda Aceh, TsunamiĀ  museum is a must visit place. Other than that, you also should visit another tsunami sites, callled PLTD Apung.

PLTD Apung

The ship was in the sea but the tsunami took it to the middle of the village, and none would even think to take it back to the sea. Now it is tourism object of the city.




2 thoughts on “WPC: Endurance

  1. y.p. says:

    cool museum – and great share for the WPC. Also, I cannot believe a decade has past since this event – time sure does fly – feels like yesterday. Peace!

    • Thank you, yes it is. I was a uni student at that time, was in the water but thanks God that I am survive from the tsunami. A lot of stories to be shared from the Tsunami.

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