WPC: Humanity

If you ever complained about your school or clasroom condition, Air Conditioner in your office or about your improper public transports, you may learn something from the children below.

Humanity 6

Humanity 1

HUmanity 5

Such happy faces right? BUT did you know how their school or class room look likes? have a look to the picture below!

Humanity 2

Yup, that is a school, with the name and country flight in from of it. Wanna see more?

HUmanity 3

Do they expect such good ceramique cement building with AC, computed room? I don’t know.  And they still know how to respect the teachers

Humanity 4

Oh wait, do they have shoes to school?

Many thanks to Nicole for such a great photo challenge!


14 thoughts on “WPC: Humanity

  1. Nicole says:

    Excellent entry to the theme! I have seen schools around the world, many without even electricity or toilets. We take too much for granted yet the will to learn will move mountains.

  2. Tunis, your photos not only tell a very moving story, but they depict the harsh realities of few countries and places. Since i belong to a developing nation, i am perfectly aware of the lack of infrastructure existing in these schools. I must also acknowledge the fact that despite the lack of basic amenities, these students study well, get themselves educated and ultimately value the fact that they have received the wisdom of life through education. Shoes, buildings, books, dress, etc are just the secondary or tertiary important things en route to the education. I really felt so connected seeing your photos and reading your blog.

    Do visit my blog for this challenge. I am sure you will find the similar theme. Thanks. 🙂

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