WPC: Snorkeling Adventure

This week photo challenge is kind of familiar since I like the adventure. I am not sure with adventure should I share here, as I have many of them. Having searched my hard drive, I come up with the adventure of snorkeling in Sabang Island – Indonesia. The adventure was about teaching my wife how to do snorkeling. It was quite challenging since she cannot swim. let see if I can be a good snorkeling trainer.

Preparation, she just wanted to play there with the sand, not in the water.

Snorkeling preparation

There were a lot of good snorkeling spots in Sabang, but we decided to go to rubiah Island, where the best spot is located. We had to take boat to get to the island, althout I could just swim to get there, but my wife could not.

we took the boat to get there

On the boat, this is my frind’s wife actually :), we sat in front of her.

on the boat

After some short instructions and practices, she made it.

She made it

Thats all the adventure story in Sabang. Danke


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