The Worst Scenario and Life Stressors

“I am sorry but I am far from home right now, doing my field work and will not return home until the end of this month” The only sentence that I could reply to the housemaster when she asked me to wait for someone to have the heaters in my house checked.

One day after, I received an email from her, saying that the worst scenario is to pay extra for the man’s visit. It is expensive of course but that is the only and the worst scenario on my housing regular check up.

Sometimes, such unexpected case happen to you when you are not ready at all ta face it. It just comes and hit you as hard as it can, and that is what in psychology is called as “stressor”. But the thing is not going better without any stressor in life, in other word, you need stressor to learn something in your life. When you can go through it, passed all stressor with your coping ability, it means that you have learned something new in your life. But when you cannot face it, it can lead to the deterioration of your life, having mental problems, difficulties with social interaction, ect.

So, life stressor is not always bad, but it can takes you to the worst case scenario as well.


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