Weekly Photo Challenge : On Top

Few years ago, when I lived in Limpok, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, there was a monkey which always sat down on the top of my neighbor’s house. One day, after the rain, I saw the monkey on top. I took it’s photo by using my pocket camera. When it known that there was somebody took its photo, the monkey was planning to jump to the mango tree in front of it. 

Then that monkey stood in it’s best position and jumped to the tree. One, two, three….

  Hooray! It was on the mango tree. I though it was seeing the flood after the rain.

Suddenly, I lost that monkey. Where was it? Hoho, the monkey was hided behind the tree. It seem to be shy when I took it picture. LOL

And after that, the monkey climbed the tree and jumped to the top again.

The monkey was looked very tired. It sit on top and saw the view in front of it. It was a bathroom. Fortunately, nobody was in the bathroom, if not, the monkey would peep the people. Hehehe.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : On Top

  1. I LOVE monkeys so thank you for sharing these monkey photos in your post! Made me smile 🙂 Your captions are so funny too, haha. As the first commenter said, the monyet is very lucu. Maybe it was just trying to find some bananas and felt sad at the end that it did not.

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