Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned Mentally Ills

The latest National health survey suggest that the rates of severe mental illness in Indonesia was about 1.7 per 1000 population. Now we have some 230 millions population in Indonesia, meaning that we have million people with mental problem. Most of them receive so little attention from the goverment, leaving them untreated, homeless and abandoned.


I captured this photo in the heart of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It was situated close to Bundaran HI, where big businesses are located. The man who were sitting is a “pemulung” (I do not know what to call in English), whose job is to collect unused stuffs like plactisc and bottless and re-sell them for recycling. The boy was his only son and the woman inside the cart is his wife, who accompany him everyday to collect the plasticts. During the night, three of them also sleep inside this cart, as they have no home.

The man who was walking approaching him was a mentally ill, who like the others, homeless and abandoned.

That is the reality of my country, Indonesia.


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