Peunayong market, another heaven for me


Gnetum gnemon and jambu sold in Peunayong Market, Banda Aceh

As a woman and a wife, I like cooking everything especially the meal which my husband love to eat. He likes Kangkung and tongkol very much and asks me to cook them everyday until he feels bored. What a freak husband! Lol.


Red and green chilies. Wow! Very hot

Because of his request, I have to go shopping every morning to Peunayong market. It is one of traditional market in Banda Aceh, Aceh. Its location is near to Baiturrahman Mosque. Peunayong market is one of the biggest traditional market in Banda Aceh. Many vegetables and fish with various species are sold there. The price is affordable. I spend only 3 thousands rupiah to buy a bunch of Kangkung and 25k rupiah for one kilogram tongkol. Very very cheap. Not only that, you can bargain a price with the seller for the cheapest cost.


Terong. I gonna cook this vegetable with asam sunti and small chilies. Yummy

I really enjoy shopping there. If have a lot of time, I will spend all the day in Peunayong. Walking around the market, asking the price, bargain the price until I get the lowest, and buy everything I need.

This morning, I went to peunayong market with my husband and I said to him, peunayong market is a heaven for me. I can get everything I want and buy everything I need with achievable price.


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