Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Roots for Lunch

I was with my friends visiting a village in Jogjakarta – Indonesia few times ago, to observe how the villages prepare their food traditionally. Even though most of us in Indonesia eat rice three times in a day, but some places eat something else like casava and corn. The village that we visited actually eat rice as their staple food, nevertheless, the paddy, where the rice come from, can not really be grown in this area. Therefore, apart from eating rice, they also sometimes prepare casava.

Having listened the types of food that they eat, I was surprise that they have so many type of casava and a lot of produces that they can produce with them. some of them can be eating after simply boiling it, but some can be dried under the sun, fried and then stored as food stock or sold for as the source of income.

The villagers also welcomed us with the casava that they had cooked and prepared as meal (or even lunch). Here is the picture


As you might see that at least three different types of casava prepared for us; boiled, fried, covered by banana leaf and steamed. And you know what? they have a different names for all the things they served, which for me is only two names, boiled or fried casava.

Having seen so many types of roots that they could prepared for food, a friend of mine said “oh man, the villagers eat root everyday” 🙂

But I like the taste to be honest.



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