Zero to Hero; Who Am I?

Who Am I and Why Am I here?

Well, before introducing myself (again), I would like to tell you that I am taking part in  ZERO TO HERO: 30 DAYS TO A BETTER BLOG. This program was created by a team of top blogging experts  based on years of highly scientific-like research (i.e., writing blogs). Everyday, I will write a blog post which the theme given by WordPress team. So that, I’ve to check in each day at noon for a new task.

OK, for the first task, I would like to introduce myself and the reason why am I blogging here.

My name is Liza Fathia. I am a medical doctor who want to be a lecture in school of Medicine. Actually, this blog written by me and also my husband, Thoenis. So, in this challenge, the blog not only written by me, but also my husband. I am from Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

For me, blogging is not only to keep my personal journal, but also to improve my English, especially in writing.  My English is very bad, but I love English badly. Because of that, I’ll try to write my blog in English. Hopefully, by doing this, my English can be better. So,  I you have any correction, please tell me.

In this blog, I write about my experiences during travelling. I love travelling and writing. For the first step, I’ve just written about my experiences in Aceh. But, my husband has written about his experiences when he walk around the world. The blog post contains both of article and picture.

Well, I am speechless. I don’t know what I have to write then. Actually, there many ideas in my mind but it is very hard to write them in English. Hmm… I hope, by taking part in 30 days to a better blog, I can improve my English especially in writing. Fighting!


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