Happy mother’s day


Hi guys, do you remember what day is today? Sunday? Yeah, you’re right. But today, in indonesia we also celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day always celebrates in every 22nd of December . Have you say something to your belove mom? Send a greeting or something else?

I have sent a message for my mom. Both of us live in different town, therefore I can’t say my greeting to her officially. I have made a poem for her. Not a good poem, but It’s written from the deepest of my heart. With love and care.

My mom now is getting old. She is in half decade of her old. She is not as energic as when she was 40th. She’s not young anymore. Sometimes, when I phoned her, she said that she’s ill. I was so sorry to hear that. She is alone there. I always ask her to stay in my house in Banda Aceh. But, she won’t. She said that she’s prefer live in her own house to stay in my house. Yeah, the weather in Banda Aceh is very hot. It’s very different if we stay in Tangse, where my mom lives in, the weather is fresh and cool. Beside that, She can do anything what she wants. Sometime she plants the flowers, cleans the garden from the wild grass, and sometime hangs out with her friend to the neighbor’s house. But, in Banda Aceh, she just stays in the house. No hanging out or cleaning the garden. That makes her feels very bored.

Yeah, I can understand about her feeling. So that, I give her the chance to live in Tangse. But, if she feels ill, she must go to Banda Aceh.

Anyway, I would like to say happy mother’s day to my mom and to all mothers in the world. I love you mom.


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