Hula hula hoop hoop


It was very funny when the students from several elementary schools in Banda Aceh were playing the hulahoop. Hula hoop is one of traditional games in Indonesia. Playing by spinning the hoop counter-clockwise if you’re righty and clockwise if you’re lefty.

A few weeks ago, I watched those students playing Holahop in Blang Padang field. Each students from different schools compete to show their best. The student who reached the finish line would be the winner. When the music was playing, every students had to spin their hoop and run about 50 meters. They had to maintain the hoop spin until the finish line. Most of hoop fallen down and some students cried because they were lose. Just one student should be the winner, and he was the participant who could maintain the hoop spin until the end. Haha… Those children were so funny especially when they ran and spin the hoop, and then the hoop fallen down. They used all their ability to reach the hoop and ran again.


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