Sunday Photo Session

Once upon a time, I was kinda a photographer, had entry level DSLR and went to photo hunting almost every weekend. BUT, lately the 4L4Yer also came out hanging DSLR and acting as if they are professional. I do not have any objection with their, perhaps, new trend, but I feel “ill-feel” when I see them holding DSLR the way to hold a compact camera. The worst part of course when they shoot them self, from up-righ or left angle with an open eyes, like in comic.

Since then, I think just to drop off this hobby for sometimes, untill the DLSR fever is cured and less 4L4Yers hanging thier camera out. BUT when I look into my hard disk and realized that I have plenty of pictures that……not yet published.

Then, why not sharing them here?

Lambhuk Street

a view from jembatan in der nähe von…


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