A cup of coffee for your soul


I like drinking coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning makes me enjoy the day. A cup of coffee in the evening makes me feel comfort. But, drinking the coffee in the night makes me can’t sleep all the night. Haha…

One week ago, I went to Aceh coffee festival in Taman Sari Park, Banda Aceh. It was in the Saturday night when we came to the festival. My friend ordered a cup of solong mini coffee. When I saw she really enjoy of drinking coffee, I ask to the waiter to bring me a cup of coffee too. Suddenly, a cup of back coffee without sugar put dawn on my table. Slurppppp… The coffee was very tasteful.

However, in the middle night, my eyes still opened. Oh my God, the caffeine made me awake all the night until tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep. My heart beat fast. Lup dup Lup dup.

When I told to my husband, he laughed loudly and asked me to stop drinking coffee in the night. Moreover the coffee that I drunk that night was robusta coffee. The index of caffeine in robusta was higher than Arabica. That was the reason why I couldn’t sleep that night. Lol.


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