The Beauty of the lovely Aceh

Back home, I have got some pics to share. Please ignore the quality of the pictures, I took them with my old handy as I took my DSLR seldom. were we go 🙂

IMAG1726 IMAG1728

Jantho, a small town about 1, 5 hrs drive from Banda Aceh. if you have a chance to go up here, do not forget to stop by the grand mosque of Jantho. Look at the blue mountain and green tress around you. fresh air and zero pollution. I took both of pictures above from above the mosque 🙂



That is not a highway, or what the German calls das Autobahn. that is just a normal roadway of more that 100 KM, connecting Banda Aceh to the town in west coast of Aceh. yup, it was built after the devastating tsunami 2004 as the original road was broken and leave no ruins 🙂

now, to the sea.


This is why I love Aceh the most. I can barely stay long from the beautiful beaches. I do not have to do sun bath here since I am dark already, but killing the time alone (sometimes with cows) is always great rite? you will not find such a condition like this in such a tourist places like in Bali or Sabang.


Another one, it was before the sunset when I visited the places.


Finally, waiting for the sunset 🙂

Thats all for now.





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