Twilight in Banda Aceh

Beautiful Twilight

A Few days ago, when I went to Banda Aceh, I saw a beautiful twilight in Lambhuk bridge. The fatamorgana of sunset maked me calm down. I spoke nothing. My mouth opened like letter O. Subhanallah. I was really surprised with the view in front of me.


The refraction of the sun maked the golden twillight. Coconut tree and others were also looked very marvellous


That was the bridge I cross in the twilight. Lambhuk Bridge where I saw the beautiful sunset

Lambhuk Street

And, that was the street under the bridge. A river flow behind the street. We could see the mirage of twilight in the river. Thank you Allah for showing me a beautiful twilight that You created. Alhamdulillah. a palpable is the antidote for civilization.

Twilight  ???????????????????????????????Twillight


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