The Drama Of Acehnese History 1873-1878 by Hasan Tiro

The Drama Of Acehnese History 1873-1878, begitulah judul drama yang ditulis oleh Alm Hasan Tiro.

Naskan ini tersimpan di sebuah perpustakaan di eropa, lengkap dengan berbagai surat politik yang ada di dalamnya. saya sendiri lebih menikmati drama ini sebagai sebuah karya seni yang bermuatan, sejarah. walau belum seluruhnya saya baca, namun beberapa diantaranya cukup menarik.

Berikut merupakan bagian dari Act I

Scene 1
Music: Johan Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg Concerto
At Kuta Radja, 1873. The Council of State in session. Prominent display of the flag of Acheh, large framed paintings of Iskandar Muda, Aly Mughayat Shah, Safiatuddin and other Achehnese historic figures. The wall map of Acheh covering Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, V/est Borneo and Banten, West Java. Members are busy talking to each other – all wearing splendid Achehnese costume.

Guard :
“His Majesty Sultan Alaeddin Mahraud Shah I”
(All members stand up in a solemn ovation. Behind the King walk owe inspiring guards wearing colorful uniform and heavily armed. After his Majesty has been seated all members take their peats, and the
guards discreetly line themselves up along the walls of the hallways).

Prime Minister (Teuku Panglima Polem Radja Kuala):
” Your Majesty,the Council of State welcomes Your Majesty1R gracious presence among us today,
and …”
(interruption from a loud banging on the grand door:”Bang, bang, hang!” The door swung open, On the floor a messenger kneels with the sound of his breathing heard very loud, signifying that he had just been running very fast to bring his message.) ‘

“Your most gracious Majesty, Your Imperial Majesty, my Great Lord »>
(He keeps repeating these incoherently without being able to say his message,)

Prime Minister:
“Calm down, my boy. Take a rest….Now, tell us What you have to say?”

“Your Excellency, the Dutch Armada has entered our port! Their sails have blackened the sea. Twenty big warships in all with their big cannons all aimed at our fair city!”
(Before the boy has withdrawn, another “bang” is heard on the grand door. The door is being re-opened.A tall impressive Achehnese guard walk in ushering a small, short, skinny and awkward-looking old
creature in Javanese costume, carrying an envelope in his hand, standing there embarrassingly.)

Guard :
“Your Excellency, this is the Dutch messenger who had just been landed from the Dutch Armada bringing a message to OUT Government, He said his name was Mas Sumo. He is of Javanese race, and a servant of the Dutchmen. ••

Prime Minister (to Sumo):
“Sumo, why are you here?”

Mae Sumo :
“Your Excellemcy, 1 am a servant of the Dutch East Indian Govvernment. I am ordered by mine Master to deliwer this letter to Your Excellemcy.”
(He speaks in broken Malay with ridiculous accent-Javanese style . A page comes by to take the letter, puts it in a silver tray, and brings it to the Prime Minister.)


Salah satu yang kusukai adalah act V, ketika saat itu Teuku umar masih berpura2 berkawan dengan belanda, Cut nyak dhien protes; bahkan mengancam cerai Tgk Umar!

Tjut Njak Dien:
(while knitting, to her husband, Teuku Umar)
:”Now, it has been three years since you took the Dutch side. You started with the idea of exploiting them. Now, you ended up with the fact of their exploiting you! They have made you conquered for them the IV Districts and the XXV Districts without any lost of Dutch lives and with very little expenses for them: very cheap indeed but with a lot of Achehnese lives lost! The Dutch have built 11 new Forts over the territories you had conquered for them from our own people.

“Our people no longer trust us and begin to look at us as a traitorous couple. The Dutch had given you a grand title. But I am an Achehnese woman! I do not feel proud to be the wife of a ‘Grand Marshall of the Dutch East Indies Army’.”

(She stands up, vehemently tosses all her knitting materials to the air, approaches her husband, and loudly shouts):
“If you do not want to rejoin our people, I beg you to divorce me, now! I must clear my family name. I do not want to die as a traitor to our country. I was not born to dishonor my family before God and men!”

Dan ketika mereka merencanakan apa yg harus dilakukan…Teuku Umar saja mengakui kalau Cut nyak dhien lebih cerdas darinya…D

Teuku Umar :
“Now, then, Tjut Njak Dien, how do we proceed? You are the Boss! Henceforth I will follow your policy. You are right all along. I must admit: women are smarter than men.”

Tjut Njak Dien:
“First, we should arrange the marriage of our daughter. Tjut Gambang, with Tengku Mahyeddin di Tiro, the younger brother of Tengku Muhammad Amin di Tiro, and his most likely successor. Our son, Teuku Geudong, should, be sent to Tiro to accompany his sister, and to stay there with the di Tiro Family.

“Second, you should try to recover the Fort Kuta Aneuk Galong from the Dutch. You should now assume command to oust the Dutch and their Javanese mercenaries from Great Acheh. especially from the XXV Districts and the IV Districts which you had conquered. . for them. You must repent,

“Third, if we had to retreat, then you can retreat to Pidie and join forces with the Family of the Tengku di Tiro with whom now we form an eternal alliance.”

Luar biasa bukan ide cut nyak dhien?

well, tak mungkin saya tulis semuanya, so ,buat yang berminat membaca versi aslinya..silakan download disini: The Drama of Acehnese History

Menurutku, akan sangat seru jika ada diantara kita bisa main drama ini, napakat?



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